Lake Seminole Fishing

Lake Seminole Fishing Report November 2017

The bass on lake Seminole are biting really well. The temperatures are starting to cool down and it’s just a perfect time to go fishing. The cooler temps are gonna do several things to the lake. For one it’s gonna start making the grass die back and the fish will start moving out of the…

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September Fishing Report

Lake Seminole is still fishing really good right now. Normally this time of the year when we are transitioning into a late summer early fall pattern, the fishing can be extremely tough. It hasn’t done that yet for some reason. The bass are still biting really good. Now of course there are days that seem…

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bass fishing in Lake Seminole

Bass Fishing in Lake Seminole

Bass fishing on lake Seminole is absolutely on fire right now. Bass are biting on the ledges, bass are biting in the grass, bass are biting on Spring Creek, bass are biting on the Flint River, and bass are biting on the Chattahoochee River. You can catch bass on any technique doing anything of your…

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